Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rock n Roll at Folken !

Had the chance to take some photos at our local club Folken. Big bang and dyssleksi teatret were playing. The show was sold out and the gig were great from both bands ! the light were even decent for photos. hard to hold the camera still tough due to the floor bouncing up and with about a foot..

Big Bang is one of Norways most popular rock bands,theyre playing solid classic trio based rock with good lyrics. Big bang has a local warm up band at every gig on their tour of Norway, the best act wins a record contract !

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surfs Up !

Today the swell fore1cast was really good and i was looking forward to some quality surf ! however i have struggled a bit with a persistent spring flu and it just got worse during work. i realised that i probably wouldnt be able to get in the water but i went out to the coast anyway (working 10 mins from the spots rules !) the swell was solid, and it will probably be some leftovers tomorrow. the weather will be a bit worse though. at the moment its snowing.. hopefully i will get rid of this bug. i need to practise my shortboard surfing !

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Windsurfing Premiere

had my first windsurfing session of the season today ! it was at a spot called Sola and it was sunny with a steady 18-22 knts breeze. it was flat but still fun. The sail was perfectly rigged,the harness lines spot on and the first jibe of the season was a dry one ! my hands didnt cramp up to much either from wearing gloves. i use open palm Np gloves with one or two layers of "doctors" gloves under (vinyl gloves) Hopefully this season will be a windy and wavy one !

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nightkite Jamsession !

At haukeliseter you can kite 24/7 ! the wind kicked in and the most eager kiters went out at midnight ! i decided to try and shoot some pictures. considering it was snowing a little and i only had a worklamp and the cameras built in flash im quite happy with the result ! i also had to use wide open aperture and the highest iso setting. had to work a little in Photoshop though. Of course it always helps to have Oskar as "model" ! oskar and Caroline did some crazy kiteloops further out in the darkness,but i wasnt able to catch any on the memory card.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Sun and Powder in Røldal today ! Lots of people but i got some good lines ! Pictures show Markus a.k.a "Lillklimpen"

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Norwaii !

Went out to the coast after work today. the surf was a bit better than i expected so i decided to take some photos. thanks to a vicious bug i have spent a couple of days flat out on the couch and im still struggling a little bit, so i didnt have the energy to paddle out myself.. conditions were good at a lot of spots thanks to the westerly swell and offshore wind. there was probably good wave windsurfing (side) a few miles south of this spot as well,as the land bends a little and the wind fills in. since i returned from hawaii i have only surfed a handful of times.. i could blame short days,the cold,lots of work and maybe laziness :) anyhow i have to get out more now. good thing its starting to warm up here eventually !