Wednesday, October 28, 2009

W.A.S.P @ Folken

Blackie Lawless and WASP played Folken last night. These guys were huge in the traditional heavy scene in the eighties,and they have kept it going. actually they sounded surprisingly fresh.not bad if you like the genre. im glad that "Grunge" came along and kicked heavys butt in the early nineties though..

Friday, October 23, 2009

Motorpsycho @ Folken

Motorpsycho played Folken the other day. their a Norwegian Prog/Psychedelia/Grunge band thats been playing for 20 years now. I used to listen a lot to these guys about ten years ago. theyre a no compromise band and actually released their 20th anniversary album on vinyl only !
The show was really good. they played really tight supercool heavy rock music ! incredible smooth sound. volume and production were perfect. less vocal than i remembered,but the vocalist cant really sing so.. just kidding Bob Dylan cant sing either but his songs are amazing non the less. have to check out motorpsychos newer work now !

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

More Volcom Codfish

Heres some more Pictures from the Codfish. Not too often i get to shoot good surfers in half decent conditions and perfect light here in Norway.
Had to take a day of the water today as well. surfed or windsurfed everyday since friday. the thick suit and temperature takes its toll on the paddling muscles. Ill probably go surfing tomorrow. there is a windforecast but its kind of really offshore at the interresting spots so i think the conditions will favour paddlesurfing. probably throw the windsurf onto the car just in case !

Sunday, October 18, 2009

Spot X & Volcom Codfish

Been a really goodweekend for Windsurf & Surf here in Stavanger. Friday we sailed a place called spot X in sideshore 3.7 -4.2 and over head high waves in some sets ! Saturday and Sunday we had good waves. The Volcom Codfish competition were on at Bore on Saturday. Not sure who won but there were people from Portugal and Hawaii doing the contest. Took some pictures of the surfers and beachlife. Looks good for both wind and waves this week as well ! All good in other words !

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sideshore Superfun at Sele

Erik T. is on another level,pulling aerials,while us mortals are struggling to keep up the speed through the turn !

Spray were thrown up today :)
was able to leave work early today. due to some misunderstandings a lot of people turned up and my boss wondered if i would like to leave early, knowing there was some wind and swell on the forecast i wasted no time getting out to the coast ! Sele delivered steady 5.3 winds and some good waves. got a couple of turns that at least felt fast ! the winddirection was very nice today. more or less straight north = sideshore ! nice way to start the week !
Oh yeah, i had epic surfing at Sele on Sunday as well. almost head and superglassy. were a few people out as usual,so i checked out the lefthander. Had some progress taking of to the left !

Saturday, October 10, 2009

I was a king @ Folken

More female rock guitarists ! This girl rocks ! She is also lead singer/guitarist in Harrys Gym that played later !
Frode Strømstad has all the rock moves dialed in !

Triple concert at folken yeastrday I was a king/Bygdin/Harrys Gym. Actually some of the members play in each others band. wasnt "working" for folken so i just shot i was a king,and concentrated on drinking beer.. I was a king is hugely influenced by Teenage Fanclub/Dinosaur Jr and the bands on the Creation label. their show was a bit "slow" they didnt get much response from the audience which kind of wasnt with the bands. well still a nice evening !
Theres some wind on the forecast for Tomorrow. hopefully there will be som sailing !

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Petter Wettre @ Grottene

The soup Jazz Lady !

Wednesday is Jazzday at Grottene with Blå Trå. This time Petter Wettre played. one of Norways best saxophone players in the Coltrane tradition (the coolest jazz style !) He had a workshop in stavanger earlier in the day,and picked out a few guys that would play with him during the concert.
By the way, the Blå trå shows cost 50 NOK the get in, 30 if youre a student, and you get soup ! very cheap culture experience,also there was a open mic show upstairs at folken, some of the artist that i have seen there is REALLY talented check it out next time. the open mics are free as well !