Saturday, September 20, 2008

4 Feet 11 Seconds

were having some nice wnw swells at the moment. not super big ones, but enough for some of the better spots to come to life ! Today was just super fun with Sun,no wind and waves up to chest high. even had some success for a change :) the swell is on its way down, but with the predicted offshore breeze tomorrow,im hoping for some longboard fun.the swell is supposed to get a little bump on tuesday. Good times !

Saturday, September 13, 2008


weve just had a few days with stronger east/southeast winds here on the west side. it isnt the best direction, but a Beach called Brusand can get some side/side on jumping conditions. the South end of the beach can be really god for surfing, as its sheltered from the wind.

Personally i had better surfing than windsurfing these days, but some of the sailors made the conditions look good !

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Nice surprise

Lately i have been on the water more or less every day. Autumn on the west coast rules ! however today the forecast was for about 10 knots and dropping in the evening(and onshore winds ruining the waves) But about an hour and a half before it got dark i suddenly noticed some serious movements in the trees outside my apartment. of course i rushed out to the beach, and scored an hour of onshore jumping in 20-25 knots with some steep ramps ! i just love these surprise days where you get to surf into the sunset !

The forecast for the west coast is bad for the weekend, but the south coast, about 3 hours from here should get some heavy east winds. never sailed there before but its supposed to get good on that direction.looks like i will have a little exploring weekend trip.