Monday, September 27, 2010

Big day @ X !

Peter does a aerial over Kilen. Acording to Peter K dropped in on his wave ;)
Dag is not afraid of heights..

Nice shoulder on this one !

Hansi in the pocket !
Scored a bigger day at X on friday. 4.7/5.3 and solid overhead in the best sets. sideshore and later in the evening side off ! Really cool that we get these bigger days once in a while ! this spot actually reminds me a bit of Maui. Raw powerfull waves that really jack up on the main peak. if you mess up breakage,swimming or injuries might occur ;) got some solid tumbles in the washing machine.. Sondre actually dislocated his shoulder ! as usual i got a bit defensive, could have charged more. also had bad timing. its kind of difficult to judge the waves here. well next time maybe everything comes together. at least i survived the wipe outs hope i remember that next time its big ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

West coast weekend

Nice Conditions at Kvasheim pointbreak.Unfortunlately the wind dropped shortly after i sailed out should have been there a couple of hours earlier.. First time i sailed here,wont be the last though !

Kitesurfer going in deep..

Peter in a textbook aerial !

Frank on a nice one. friday afternoon 25-4o knots sideshore. some logo sets and heavy rain. typical norwegian wavesailing weather !

Been a decent start to the our main season,autumn, here in Norwaii. at least if you own a surfboard as well. been out most days in September so far. actually feels good with a couple of days of water now. back and neck is hurtin from all the paddlin.. seems like there is a high quality swell coming in the weekend ! hopefully there will be som wind as well before it gets too cold here.