Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Getting ready.
Lunchbreak. 700 vertical meters down !

Top of valldalen northwesterly facing flank.


Nice Colouir through the forest. Telemark style.

Actually there was a sketchy ice-fall at the bottom. If it had been much worse it could have been a problem. not a easy terrain at the exit of the run.

Another nice trip to the mountain. 4 Hours of powder slaying at the resort on sunday. A trip to a area we havent boarded before on monday. really big and cool cruising bowl,but unfortunlately the snow was kind of bad,and the hike out long..

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Tor Erik leading the way on his splitboard. way more efficient uphill than my snowshoes.
Opposite side of the hunnedalen valley. looks like its worth a hike !

T.E checking his line. It looks good !

A classic frontside turn by T.E !
Tor Erik and me decided to check out Hunnedalen Canyon the other week. Its only an hour drive from town,and our closest mountain area with good snowboarding. Theres even some really serious colouirs here as the sides of the valley is really steep. We found a more moderate,but still superfun bowl. Unfortunlately the snow was variable. it went from pow to crust within meters.. Still we were happy. we will definetively be back here soon. this time of year its even possible to do a quick one after work !