Friday, October 31, 2008

Maui Northshore 30.10.08

felt really tired this morning. think im suffering from TMS (too much surf:) left home kind of late and went to Hookipa to watch the action and take some photos. there were some solid logo high sets coming through. lot of swimming going on with people on the rocks and board and rig separations.after my small photoshoot i drove down to Lowers. the wind was the usual gusty on/off 5.3 with some head high sets. met Tormod there and we had a fun session ! more pictures here oh yeah,by the way in the afternoon it started to rain.. really grey weather. reminded me of autumn sailing in Norwaii. still it wasnt cold in just boardies :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Thousand peaks

Today Mathias,Tormod and me went to Thousand peaks on the south shore. i had rented a SUP board for the first time, and the others wanted to practise longboarding. TP had small,mellow waves and beatiful sunny weather. i had a 11.6 thats a tad small for my weigt. after about half an hour i kind of found some balance and was able to catch a wave. best thing is that it was right in front of T&M :) Mathias is a natural born talent when it comes to surfing BTW after just a couple of days he has got both positioning and take offs pretty much wired ! SUP is really good work out and when i came home i was barely able to cook dinner,and collapsed afterwards. scored a really nice sunset surf session at Paia bay tough ! more pictures here

Lanes Lookout 25.10.08

Today i went surfing at Paia beach. the conditions were a little bit messy,but it was nice being back in the water after my rest day. spent an hour at Lanes taking some photos. they kind of show the different water related activities going on here every day. the windsurfer was really good at light wind sailing. he was hardly ever planing,and used the waves to go upwind. he would catch a wave early and ride it backside upwind, and tack out again right before it started to peel.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Rest day..

Came here to Maui on oct. 6 and have been on the water everyday so far. However today i woke up with a really bad throat and a little headache. although 3 cups of Anthonys Paia blend cleared my throat i have decided to take a days rest. the wind looks sketchy for the weekend but the surf is gonna be up ! took a trip up to Hookipa and shot some pictures of the local guys. conditions were quite big but messy.of course the good guys make everything look fun !

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Maui Northshore 23.10.08

looked out the window this morning and to my surprise there were waves ! went to lowers and it actually had some size. head up to logo. in the beginning it was a bit choppy and blown out, but it improved as the wind got more mellow. took a long break when my 4.5 started to feel big and drove up to hookipa.took some photos and fuelled upon the kuau mart chicken. its been a good day ! check out the web album

Sunday, October 19, 2008

More La Perouse

we took a lot of Pictures at La Perouse. i have uploaded some to my web album. have a look ! we talked to Kai Katchadorian later that day, and he and one other windsurfer sailed there later in the day. i think they took it a bit easy with respect for the surfers out there.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

La Perouse

Went to La Perouse with Tormod and Mathias this morning. the conditions were totally epic ! Huge waves and really rough and beatiful surroundings. after a while we suddenly noticed a sailor edging his way up the several hundred yards from the parking in no wind. he showed us how to sail big waves in tricky conditions ! Mathias forgot his extension, tormod broke his downhaul rope, and i was a little tired from Jaques the night before, so we didnt sail ;)

will post more pictures later.

Had the usual 5.3 blasting at Sprecks later in the afternoon.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Honolua bay

Went to the DMV office and got the car transferred to me this morning. after that i drove up to Honolua bay and took some pictures. the conditions were amazing ! the swell wraps around a headland and hits several reefs in the bay. considered going out for a moment but figured it would be over my head. better leave it to those who know how to do it. i guess i just have to practise more and one day maybe i will be in the line up !

The trades kicked in again this afternoon and i sailed moderately powered 5.3. it was a little up and down. the waves were quite big but i had bad wave selection today. still it was fun !

Monday, October 13, 2008

Maui !

Im checking the twist in my new Superfreak. This sail rocks ! Top picture is
Tormod and Mathias Fuelling up at the Uppers rigging area
Nice top turn at Hookipa. We had wind for 6 days straight
Big waves at Hookipa today. only a few hardcore surfers were out

Been here for a week now. and its so good to be back. this is my 3rd usual i have been in the water every day. basically its only when it rains (very rare) that its not possible to surf or windsurf.

Im staying at Rainbows in Paia.great budget option at 600 usd a month. theres always a few windsurfers that stay here long term. great way to meet people when travelling alone.This autumn Tormod and Mathias from norway and Sweden is also here, and we usually sail togheter.Today i also bought a "Maui cruiser" for 800 usd.. i think its good, it only has one warninglight in the dashboard !

Big swell today ! had 2 surfvival sessions in Paia bay . Hookipa was HUGE and only a few guys went out there..

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Point Perfect

Today we had a serious swell with sideshore winds. the local crew gathered at a spot called point perfect. there were some solid logo high sets coming through. i was a bit hesitant in going out and in the middle of a hail storm i rigged down.. the wind was a bit up and down as well. after a really bad swim in very cold water and wind last year i have gotten a bit afraid of the cold weather sailing. probably a little irrational and hopefully i will get over it. however i scored a session at a little less exposed beach called Sola.

Now its only 9 hours till im flying to Maui ! spending 2 months there ! Dont have to worry about the cold there !

Stay tuned..

Saturday, October 4, 2008

11 Feet 11 Seconds

Yesterday the waves got big ! went to spot called Sele and waited for the predicted wind to kick in. sadly it didnt. tried to paddle out but just got washed back to the beach.. the swell was a bit stormy. Reports said that it was better further down the coast.