Saturday, October 30, 2010

Side Off @ Y

Pedro on his new quatro KT. seems to work fine !

Arnstein goes for air !

It gets glassy here. actually it can hold a wall much bigger than this !

This time of Year Y works once in a while. its a super nice point break, that holds big swell and often has a nice angle of the wind. This day it was kind of light slightly side off ! the waves were increasing in size,and just before actually became a classic day with solid overhead sets !

Monday, October 25, 2010

Jæren Wave 2010

Sigurd in a high tabletop
Inge hits the lip.

Peter with the days most stylish turn ?

1. Ørjan Jensen
2. Thomas Wessel Svensson
3. Sigurd Espeland

Happy campers !

The Legendary Jæren Wave competition were on this weekend. This year comp. were the 25 th ! changing and kind of bad forecasts meant that there werent that many competitors this year. The day started without wind,but a nice swell provided some of us with some glassy surf after the registration. At around one oclock the wind started to fill in and during the warm up it was actually quite solid 5.3 wind with some 1 meter sets. pure sideshore. Of course in my heat the wind completely dropped to nothing and i spent the whole heat semi submerged or in the waterstart position. as i hit the shore the wind instantly went up to 20-22 knots again. bummed for a while but then it was decided to run the two first heats one more time. Had a bit more success and it was actually a split between me and another sailor (Peter) about who were the second sailor advancing. Got to sail a 5 min man to man heat to decide and apparently that was close as well, but since i cant jump and Peter throws forwards he got through. anyway pretty stoked that i was able to not completly make a fool of myself against better sailors ! Sailing in a competitions were fun as well. probably sailed about 10 % better than normal on the adrenalin rush ! Anyway everybody was having fun and mostly doing good. aerials,Tabletops,and forwards and stylish cutbacks were going down !

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windy sideshore @ X

Peter with his signature one handed top turn. they were actually a necessity as the wind was 35 knots and he was on a 4.7..
Frank Nilsen top turns

Myself in a windy topturn on the flatter downwindpeak

Another bigger day here. nuking sideshore winds and some occasional close to logo sets. didnt take photos for more than 5 minutes. it was too much fun sailing ! got on a couple of bigger set waves but the wind was so strong that committing to a bottomturn felt too scary.. i was actually fully powered on my 4.0 and 79 liter board. being about 100kgs with the 6 mil suit means it was windy ! thats 21 liters of negative volume. actually it felt like sailing on a piace of cork.. maybe i will try to swap for a slightly bigger board.. anyway those lucky enough to skip work the following morning scored again ! its conditions every day now. its just pick and choose ;)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Volcom Codfish 2010

This guy were doing some aggressive topturns.

Midface backside turn.

Nice athmosphere at the beach ! Volcom sponsored drinks and a huge pile of pizzas for the spectators as well !

The judges.
The annual Volcom Codfish is on this weekend. went out to Bore to check it out. very similar conditions as last year. it was ok conditions in the beginning,but then a onshore breeze filled in and messed it up. watched the three first heats and went up to Sele to check the surf. didnt look good anymore so i didnt go out. after surfing and windsurfing A LOT in September my arm is pretty shot again.. and next week theres some big days on the forecast ! better rest for that..

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rock & Refsnes

Kilen in action

Peter tries a aerial on the inside section

Lone surfer at Point Perfect. Just downwind for the windsurfers.
More good days here on the west coast lately. the pictures are from Refsnes on Saturday. showed up early afternoon,and the wind looked funky,but the swell was up at Point Perfect. paddled out and had a fun session. its a good spot for my level. easy take off even when it has some size. a little bit flat as well,making it ideal for longboards. after a while i figured it would be nice to try some windsurfing. went out as the wind relly kicked in. Gusty 10-35 + knots of side off wind is a bit of a struggle.. however th waves were small so no problems with wipe outs. sailed as long as my weary arms could handle. got a couple of multiple turns waves out of it. all in all a good day !

Monday, September 27, 2010

Big day @ X !

Peter does a aerial over Kilen. Acording to Peter K dropped in on his wave ;)
Dag is not afraid of heights..

Nice shoulder on this one !

Hansi in the pocket !
Scored a bigger day at X on friday. 4.7/5.3 and solid overhead in the best sets. sideshore and later in the evening side off ! Really cool that we get these bigger days once in a while ! this spot actually reminds me a bit of Maui. Raw powerfull waves that really jack up on the main peak. if you mess up breakage,swimming or injuries might occur ;) got some solid tumbles in the washing machine.. Sondre actually dislocated his shoulder ! as usual i got a bit defensive, could have charged more. also had bad timing. its kind of difficult to judge the waves here. well next time maybe everything comes together. at least i survived the wipe outs hope i remember that next time its big ;)

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

West coast weekend

Nice Conditions at Kvasheim pointbreak.Unfortunlately the wind dropped shortly after i sailed out should have been there a couple of hours earlier.. First time i sailed here,wont be the last though !

Kitesurfer going in deep..

Peter in a textbook aerial !

Frank on a nice one. friday afternoon 25-4o knots sideshore. some logo sets and heavy rain. typical norwegian wavesailing weather !

Been a decent start to the our main season,autumn, here in Norwaii. at least if you own a surfboard as well. been out most days in September so far. actually feels good with a couple of days of water now. back and neck is hurtin from all the paddlin.. seems like there is a high quality swell coming in the weekend ! hopefully there will be som wind as well before it gets too cold here.

Sunday, August 22, 2010


High Performance surfing, with sunset over the cliff in Peniche

My new girlfriend andd me ! shes 7.4 from portugal and got som nice curves ;)

Traveling buddy tor-Erik going DTL

baleal by night. peniche town in the background !

Indulging in some Serrano ham ! from this balcony we could check most of the spots in Baleal !

Sunset surf !

Tor-Erik waxing up his new Superfish !

Just got back from a 6 days trip to Peniche portugal ! as usual consistent conditions ! not much beats portugal when it comes to summer surf in Europe ( and windsurf). Huge atlantic coastline with the nice ocean smell in the air ! just fly in to Lisboa,pick up a cheap rental and hit the surf ! definitively not my last trip there. This was my third actually.