Sunday, November 29, 2009

Concerts Lately

Moddi with band
Hanna von Bergen

Petru Popa

Bjørn Alterhaug Quintet

Some of the shows i have photographed at Folken lately. I know that i might publish too much concert photos but its cool for me to scroll back in the blogs archive once in a while to see what i have been up to with camera.
Plenty of surf these days so there probably wont be long before there some surfphotos to post !
had a nice paddlesurf session at Sele today. uncrowded and glassy smallish waves.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

More action at Spot Y

Top three photos are from today. not super big waves. not enough light for my 300mm F4 so i took out my new 17-50 2.8 zoom.

The B/W photos below are from the session on the 17.november. the ugly conversion from color kind of exspresses the feel of the conditions !

Had a short session after work today. Windsurfing here is a challenge now. shifting forecasts,not a lot of daylight after work,gloves,underarm cramping up and cold and rough seas.. conditions are good though ! tomorrow might be interresting close to 21 feet swell at 10 sec ! gonna check out a new spot,well at least new for those conditions !

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spot Y

Epic forecast for Norwaiis Gold coast (Jæren) this week. actually theres been a lot of good windsurf/surf days lately. Spot Y`s beautiful lefthander seems to be the place ! today is was kind of regretting that i didnt bring my surfboard out to the coast. as the wind dropped early afertnoon. apparently the early birds had mythical tales of strong side off winds (we had to make do with a kind of light sideshore..)
However i rigged my 5.3 and went out. was underpowered and wasnt able to do much. cool to be out there though the ocean was kind of going up and down.. cool to see one part be several meters taller than another part etc.. well give me 1-2 ms more and ill show you !
BTW i think JOMPA the swedish surfbum needs some help.. he broke his only mast and trashed a sail today,his boom is fucked up and his harness is held together with downhaul rope.. he might be interrested in some second hand stuff !
The sequence is Erik Tobiassen. watch and learn..

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Surf !

Martin is looking to get tubed this winter !

Norways new hope in Rock played here on Saturday ! John olav Nilsen & Gjengen. Theyre good !

Have to be satisfied with this weekend ! Freeriding with my 5.3 on Friday and Saturday. decent surf today. well at least until i paddled out and it dropped.. nice photoshoot though ! good to spend some time at the coast again. been a lot of work commitment lately. Planning a long christmas vacation. looking forward to that !

Saturday, November 7, 2009

De Lillos @ Folken

One of the "Dinosaur" bands of Norwegian rock played Folken the other day. theyre recent records have been really boring,but live they were better ! as long as they did their more rock oriented songs. would be cool to see Lars side project "the Young Neils" visit Folken though. A Neil Young cover band !