Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Hmm, missed out on the photos on the last post, here they are !

Refsnes sunday.

Good Days !

its been 3 days in a row now. Freeriding in 18 knots on Sunday,Monday wave sailing in 25 knots with a (too) small swell, still i got one very nice wave with 3 bottom/top turns in pure sideshore ! been too long since that happened last. Today we had a nice small swell that gave us waves at a nice point break called Sele. sun almost no wind and warm water. didnt have much success (as usual..) but its just so nice being out in beatiful conditions and wind down after some hard work!

The pictures show a couple of swedish guys that are staying here on the west coast for a few months, they totally rip at freestyle and jumping ! well have to see during fall if they can ride as well :)

Tomorrows forecast is for a force 4 onshore wind with a small swell. not sure what i will do with the day,but im planning to do a little controlled catapult training for forwards. really want to learn them !

Monday, August 18, 2008

First one !

Hi everybody, and welcome to my blog ! i will probably use this as a little diary for myself and hopefully my friends will have som interrest in it as well ! it will probably feature mostly windsurfing and surfing related stuff. and hopefully some nice pictures.

Here on the west coast of Norway,theres been a really bad summer for both windsurfing and surf. however we have had som highlihts like last weekend. some nice jumping at our local south wind spot Refsnes. sails around 4.7 and nice ramps ! more of that please !