Sunday, December 28, 2008

A morning at the skiresort !

Simon does a safety grab

myself in a small drop

Simon drops

Simons got his turning technique dialed

we been riding at Haukeli skiresort the last couple of days. we feared that the changing weather that came with the last snowfall had made the snowpack icy or crusty,but the conditions have been surprisingly good ! they have also have a new lift this year that opens up an area that we been to lazy to hike too earlier years.. the skier is the swede Simon. hes a competent rider that skis with confidence,and hes not afraid of challenging terrain !

Friday, December 26, 2008

Beautiful winter days !

Crosscountry skiers in front of "fjøset"
Kista and Kjøttkaka
The Sauna and bathtub with the lavvo
Kistenuten with the skidescent "Kistenuten Colouir "in the middle
Jens and oskar is enjoying the sun !
underexposed picture of Oskar snowkiting

Not much beats the beauty of snowcowered landscapes in beatiful sun ! Hiked a small "face" behind haukeliseter today and snowboarded down. the snowpack wasnt perfect, but it was easily rideable ! have a day off tomorrow and will definitively do some more riding ! the weather is going to stay sunny for the foreseable future !

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas in the mountains !

Im spending this christmas working at its a Hotel and its a part of the norwegian tourist association that has a lot of Hotels spread out across the norwegian mountains. they are used a lot by people both in the winter and summertime and its usually possible to to daytrips between them. this mountain area has a couple of nice ski resorts and really good possibilties for randonne skiing and kitesurfing on snow ! i know the people that run have really good kitesurfing lessons) and they were kind enough to borrow me 3 cabrinha kites ! been a little unlucky with the wind but i scored one epic day with sun,powder and a stable 15-18 knot breeze !

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Back home !

Back home now with a jetlag and cold after baltic aircondition on the flights home.. Got robbed by United with a 450 usd exess baggage fee ! put all my stuff in my monsterbag and it was a bit heavy at about 40 kgs. the woman at check in asked me to open the bag to check how many boards there was (one windsurf and one poly 6.7) then she started to calculate and ended up with 600usd ! a couple of surfers standing next to me went, youre getting hammered dude..i was shocked and started to complain.. then the price went down to 360 usd. after she had spent a little more time in front of the computer the price went up again to 450 usd. this is the last time i will use united thats for sure. have checked in at Kahului with Delta and American before and never paid more than about about 350 for the same amount of stuff. i have been lucky when checking in my stuff on all my travels before and even gotten a couple of freebies ! maybe my luck is starting to level out ?
this blog may be updated a little less frequently from now but it will not die ! i will try to post photos of weather bitten Norwegian surfers in their 6mm suits againts a backdrop of snowcowered fields ! actually i live in one of Norways best areas of surf with frequent conditions during winter. the picture in the heading is from one of my favourite spots here called Sele !

Monday, December 8, 2008

Last day !

Time to say goodbye to Maui now. as usual its been grat with lots of quality time on the water ! there is a small chance of wind today so hopefully there will be some sailing ! on my previous trips i have had the best sailing on my last day ! anyway it will be the usual last day routines as getting the refund on my Costco card,closing the rental contracts last pint of Ben & Jerrys ice cream,watching the sunset on the Hookipa cliff.. i like to travel to other places than Maui as well but i would say theres a big chance i will return next fall !

Aloha & Mahalo and Malama Ke Kai !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

WindSUPing !

went over to lowers and was greeted with the sight of waves around chest high and light winds. the schlog out and swim back in scenario went through my mind.. noticed that Naish had a SUP demo on the beach. some of the SUP boards have a masttrack so i borrowed a 12.6 and took it out for a sail ! it was good fun,but for riding waves i would say that its better with just the paddle. the wind was a tiny bit onshore (Norwegian east coast sailors would call it side off..) sideoff might have helped the riding. the wind picked up when i was out there and on the way back in i almost got the big boat planing ! went out again with the shortboard again but the wind kind of dropped. still it was a fun day at the beach ! the pictures are from Ho yeasterday. quality sailing up there as usual..

Friday, December 5, 2008

Maui is firing

High surf warning 4.7-5.3 wind !

Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Been into SUP surfing the last few days. had beatiful stand up fun both yeasterday and today. its really cool to be standing up and take in the surroundings. been out at lowers and its so peaceful and nice out there without the wind. just a perfect longboard spot. there was a little bit of kona wind yeasterday it was superlight,but the good guys here can sail in almost no wind. I would say the most impressive thing with the windsurfing was how they got back in when the wind died. the 3 man fleet had to sail in 7-8 knots wind from Lanes through Hookipa on a epic day with 40 of Mauis best surfers out.. a recipe for conflict you would think, but every sailor just got a wave and sailed straight back in.. This afternoon Ho was probably the biggest ive seen. HUGE closeouts and only about 4 guys out. The pictures are from the last two days