Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Gaustatoppen is one of my favourite mountains. this comes into wiev as you round a corner just before Rjukan. looks a lot bigger in real life !
Close up of the east face. the red line was our route down.

met Tron at the bottom and we stayed together. hes a really fit 50 year old. had a hard time following him both up and down !

The hike up.. close to 3000 vertical feet. actually the building on the top is part of a lift that goes up to the top inside the mountain. i think its a old military instalment. its open to public a few weekends late spring. took a couple of years ago. theres actually also big barrels of cognac stored in the top building ! apparently its labeled and sold as Gaustatoppen cognac.. theres also a tourist cabin to the left of the tower. parts of it is not locked in winter.

not sure how to delete double posted pics..

Tron is inspecting our route down

the beautiful west flank

This is the main Colouir on the west flank. its more exposed to the sun and has softer snow than the normal route down the east flank. only problem is that either you have to do a huge walk out at the bottom or climb back up again, which actually is the fastest way..

Nice wiev !

Trons first turn !

the snow was a bit hard.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Welcome to the mountains !

My gear on top of Sveigen Colouir. wasnt able to get anybody out due to light drizzle and fog. anyhow i scored 800 feet of premium steep slush ! first time descent for me. this colouir is 35-20 degrees steep and starts where you park the car.
Linn eager to push on. Ålebu cross country course.

Otto paddling

Luckily otto remembered to bring "klister" this stuff is a life saver going uphill. prevents the two steps forward one step backwrds phenonomen..

Took a trip up to the mountains. the forecast was for sunny weather, but it turned a little grim.. of course as long as i can see were im going and the snow is soft im happy !

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Easter Surfin !

Enjoying my Easter holiday at the moment. decided to skip the mountains for the ocean, at least for the first part of the vacation. windsurfed yesterday and today i surfed one of my favourite spots here in fun conditions ! tomorrow and saturday the forecast is for strong winds !

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ingenting at Folken

Ingenting played folken yesterday. its a local band that has a lot of songs of beer and women :) i found it difficult to get good photos cause they used a lot of smoke and that combined with a really high ISO setting is a recipe for blurry,noisy pictures. luckily black and white is a good format for concert photos, and a B/W conversion hides some of the noise. the lead singer also had a completely white dress that probably fooled my camera to underexpose a bit in some photos. i filled a 4 GB card and managed to scrape together a few half decent shots.