Saturday, May 30, 2009

Hayseed Dixie at Folken

Hayseed Dixie from the US played folken on thursday. they play Hillbilly,redneck,banjo covers of classic rock tunes. The highlight of the show was their brilliant banjo cover of the Norwegian rock classic To Fulle Menn ! Performed with totally understandable lyrics !

Friday, May 15, 2009

Turbonegro & Kvelertak at Folken

Really cool rock & roll show at Folken the other day ! my old heroes Turbonegro were playing. i have followed this band since they released theyre first 7 inch about 1990.. Turbonegro have kind of stopped realising good albums now but they have a good back catalog of "DeathPunk" classics ! the local band Kvelertak were warming up and they gave everything ! the light were better during their set as well. when Turbo entered the Stage they pumped out a lot of smoke which is bad news for photos.. anyway check out for some classic "rock Poses" !

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Kosmonaut at Folken

Took some photos for Folken the other day. its a jazz festival there at the moment. the band is Kosmonaut and they were playing in Grottene which is a really cool,intimate scene in Folkens basement. they also have a jazz conserts there about once a week, a string of shows called Blå Trå. its cheap to get in and lots of good bands !

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Two days at the coast

Pictures above is from today. we had the the strange combination of beatiful weather and good surf ! from the forecast it looks like were gonna have a week with either surf or windsurf ! its so nice to be outdoors now as well. its daylight until about 22.30 and you can stay out until you get tired instead of cold !

Above pictures is from Saturday. Martin and i went out to the coast expecting great conditions due to the really good forecast. for some reason all the spots that should have been firing were really crap.probably because of a unormal high tide and a light onshore breeze. we checked every spot we knew of,and stumbled onto this wave that none of us had surfed or heard about before ! the conditions really improved during the evening,and just before dark,there were some reallly high performance waves coming through ! i just got punished,byt i stayed out for a couple of hours. Martin probably did four ! the swell these two days have reminded me that i still cant say i have learned to surf. didnt have much succes, but its still fun trying !

Friday, May 1, 2009

Surfin Weekend

Whats better than a whole weekend filled with surf :) Today we had strong southerly winds and nice sunshine. its getting warmer in the water as well,and its probably well over 10 celsius now. scored 2 hours with 4.7 at a spot called X today. it is a point break, but today it was flat water on the innside for freestyle and nice ramps for some bump and jump on the outside. tomorrow a high quality long period swell will arrive. its gonna stay good for a couple of days,peaking late tommorrow with 15 seconds and 5 feet ! no wind with the swell,but plenty of good paddlesurfing !