Monday, August 31, 2009

Kings Of The Fjord !

Drove over to the East Coast this weekend,since there was a forecast for Surf i brought my gear and spent a few hours at larkollen Saturday and Sunday. Its kind of the main venue for the Oslo Sailors and its a cool spot ! theres flat water on the inside and a wide fjord further out for freeriding. theres a couple of wave breaks and even a semi mythical offshore reef that gets sideshore conditions in the deepest of automn lows..
Sunday evening were spent at Rockefeller watching my old heroes Dinosaur Jr ! a really cool concert,and Rockefellers audience have probably never before been exposed to more loud fuzz guitar and "traktorbass".. my ears are still not working properly !

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Salmon Fishing !

Surfless weekend, so i decided to try one of the local Salmon rivers. Bjerkreimselva were kind to the fishers and a lot of Salmon was pulled up ! i only got one small, but this river houses up to 30 pounders so you can get some big fish here ! its a really beautiful and easy to acess/fish river as well. not too expensive to get a fishing licence either.

Theres even a chance of wind this evening,hmm not sure if im up for it tough..

Friday, August 21, 2009

BigBang @ Folken

BigBang played Stavanger again last night. They must like it here i think its their third visit here in a year ! Maybe its because the leader Øystein Greni likes to surf ? the gig was a student party thats part of Fadder 09. a kind of get to know each other week, that seems to involve some binge drinking.. the athmosphere were really happy !
They used a lot of smoke on stage, which i find to be bad news for photos,but it was fun beeing there with the camera again !

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Sideshore at Sele !

Erik throws a forward !

Erik is usually seen lurking around the point hunting waves with his evo 62 and 3.7. I was on a 5.3 today.. eriks biggest sail is a 4.7 !

Sondre is a competent sailor. He always goes big ! he does competetive racing as well

Sele gave us the usual mix of quite strong winds and small waves today. i went from underpowered to fully powered on my 5.3. I was out with my new (used) Goya 90 L 08 today. i have used the board for a couple of sessions on im quite pleased. it has a tad more float than my old 85L which helps in slow transitions and schlogging. it gets on the plane fast and feels a bit faster and lively than my stolen Da Curve 85 06. often here the waves are small and you have to use the wind and boardspeed to get some speed in the turns. i try to approach the waves going downwind with speed on these smaller days. i had some problems with railtripping doing so today, but im not sure if its the boards fault though __;)
anyway i hope it will be a good solutions a my big wave board. will use this board for travelling to DTL spots as Maui/chile. Hopefully it will hit Hawaiian waters this November !

Friday, August 7, 2009

Chile 2007/08

One of the Swiss guys ripping Topocalma

Above pictures is from Punta de Lobos. not an unnormal size !

Windsurfing La Puntilla !

Sunset at Pichilemu surf Hostal !

Myself at Topocalma

Killian going big ! all windsurf pics by Jen V. Meteren

Bottom picture is Playa Topocalma

Not much to report surfingwise here on Norways west coast. the autumn lows havent arrived yet. i decided to post some pictures from my trip to Chile in winter of 07/08. Chiles must have some of the best and consistent surf in the world.. the conditions the pictures show were nothing out of the ordinary ! Unfortunlately the wind was kind of bad, and i only sailed abot 40 % of the days. might have scored some more sailing but i was sick from foodpoisoning/chilean bugs for about 2 weeks. also the surf was a bit too big for me on a ordinary surfboard !

However i scored some epic sessions at Playa Topocalma ! its among the best spots ive ever sailed. its situated inside a huge private Hacienda and they only let a few people in every day(keeps the crowd down. i have actually sailed there alone !).once inside you drive through to most beautiful scenery,before parking in the shade of a small forest sheltered from the wind. you rig and walk 15 yards to the bank of a perfect flatwater lagoon with waist high water and sideshore wind. here its possible to warm up and check your rigging before you hit Topocalmas perfectly peeling hollow fast point break waves with strong side off winds !

Travelling Chile can be challenging, but there are rewards.. i will definitively go back,preferably when my surfings gotten better.