Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Pinhole Photography

Selfportraits. Iso 1600 30 sec. could have used lower ISO but wasnt able to figure out the long exposure settings.

" Productphoto" of my two new sticks for winter ! The board to the right is a rocker board, made for powder. Cant wait to take it out on a deep day !

The Pinhole lens

This is the stuff i used to make it
Made my own Pinhole lens the other day. its one of the oldest photo techniques,also known as Camera can buy film based Pinhole cameras, but its also possible to make your own for a digital. Cut out a piece of cardboard rougly the diameter of the lensmount. try to find the center and cut out a 1*1 cm hole. cut out a piece of soda can thats a bit bigger than1*1 and sand it down a bit to make it thinner. use a small needle to punch a hole in the soda can aluminium. the thinner the sharper the lens ! Tape the aluminium "optics" to the cardboard. Tape the lens to camera body ! put it in manual and expect long shutters ! mine seems to be about the same focal as a 35mm.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Healingforce & Jamsessesion at Grottene

The concept "Blå Trå" have opened again at Grottene. Its a really good concept with low cover charge and free soup ! First Healing Force played a completely acoustic set,and later there was a jam session. they played accoustic which means that the cameras shutter will sound a bit loud. Had to time the photos with more up tempo songs.. It was a seated show as well so i couldnt really move a round in front of the stage either. Dont want to mess up the athmosphere too much ! The light was almost non existant,but at least it was constant.. used Manual and ISO 3200 with 1.8 aperture. this was enough to get a shutter of 1/50. Underexposed.. messed around a bit in postprocessing to try to make the dull photos a bit more interresting,and to try and learn something. feel free to comment !

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Micropops & Superfamily @ Folken

Got to shoot another show at Folken Yeasterday.spending the morning with Breakfast,coffe and postprocessing ! planned a early morning surf adventure as there is a good swell forecast,but got reports from the coast that the waves were non existant(actually we had 5 days in a row wih 10-12 sec. swell !)well a prolonged Sunday breakfast isnt that bad either !
The pictures from the show turned out to be a bit dull with the usual smoke/noise filter and bad color redention however i always shoot in RAW format and work with postprocessing. If you have a DSLR i would recomend that you use RAW. lots of room to tweak white balance,and you get picture files thats more robust to tweaking than JPG . Did the usual converting to B/W which is a lifesaver for dull concert photos. applied some different color filters to the pictures which definitively enhanced them ! all the above pictures were "developed" with DPP a program that comes FREE with ALL Canon DSLRs ! a good program to for RAW converting and postprocessing. it does all the basics. check it out if you dont already use a similar program ! I would say its three rules for good picture quality.
1. Use good optics ! fixed focals gives most "bang for the buck"
2.Shoot in RAW !
3. Learn a basic postprocessing program. the free ones like Picasa and DPP are a start.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Sele delivers Da Goods !

Went down to Sele on Saturday and was greeted with a miserable sight,bit of rain and really onshore. waited in the car for about 20 mins and then the sun broke through,the wind kicked in sideshore ,and the waves started to look interresting ! actually the conditions exeeded the forecast,which unfortunlately doesnt happen too often around here. Went out with 5.3 but got overpowered almost instantly. rigged down to 4.7 and were fully powered ! the waves had a bit punch today,got a few but it was kind of one of those days were your timing feels a bit off. However im not complaining, even getting washed felt good ! been to little of that this summer..

The picture quality could have been better if i had turned of ALL the concert photo settings. forget to reset the exposurecompensation heavily underexposed pictures with a bit of focus problems. postprocessing helps though..

Friday, September 11, 2009

Casiokids @ Folken

The Nu music festival is on in Stavanger now. lots of things going on on different scenes here in Stavanger ! Casiokids played Folken yeasterday. its a Norwegian Electronica act from Bergen/Stavanger thats popular in Norway right now. i think their a bit overrated,theres a lot of good bands in this genre in Norway so their up against some stiff competition ! however the audience really liked the show and there were lots of dancing and happy faces to be seen !

on the surf side theres a good wind forecast for the weekend ! might go down to Lista tomorrow, will follow the forecast.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Freestyle Kitesurfing

After Sailing and shooting yeasterday at Sele i met up with a couple of my kitesurfing buddies at Sola beach. i had promised the guys a photoshoot. after they were finished with their kitesurfing lessons they hit the water and charged hard ! the lightning conditions were a bit challenging with the setting sun in front of us. i Also got a bit surprised with the speed they get in the rotating wakestyle tricks, difficult to follow up with the focus ! almost a bit like trying to keep focus on birds in flight ! i experimented a bit with BW and Sepia conversions in Postprocessing. turned out kind of cool i think ! Spent most of the day at the beach,what could be better !

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Radical Action @ Sele !!

Cool day at Sele again ! Fully powered 5.3. the waves almost had some size tody,but they were a bit sloppy for some reason. maybe cause high tide. Still fun conditions !