Monday, March 29, 2010

Maui Weekly # 2

Mark Angulo doing his thing at Hookipa!

Commited topturn !

This is a tweaked aerial !

Mid wave 360. he landed this perfectly back on the wave !

Robby in a backwinded bottomturn at Lanes !

Kinda high..

Honolua bay. its got several tubing peaks that link together in big swells,making this one of the best right hand spots in the world. This day "Da cave" was firing. difficult to find a good angle though..

Enjoying non stop windsurfing action here now. its blowing 5.3 or 4.7 every day.. sailed Lowers/Kuau/Kihei this week. mostly its been really good wavesailing. not being a very good wavesailor i always need a few days to get going and finding the balance in the bottomturns. its coming more together now and ive even banged my board into the lip a couple of times !
Today i was sailing lowers testing a Quatro quad board. on the first few runs it didnt really feel that good. kind of slow both straight lining and on the face. lowers is kind of a slow wave on smaller days though. the wind went a bit crazy so i waited it out and went out late afternoon. got more used to the board. still kind of slow (or feeling slow) but it really flies upwind ! the wind swung a bit more side off and the waves got more glassy. got a few nice ones,and the board started to work better on the face. not really fast going in to the turn but it keeps speed really well in the topturn and its really easy to link turns ! couldnt stop sailing and left the water totally exhausted and happy at sunset !would like to test the board a bit more !
Tomorrow theres gonna be a huge swell at possibly warning levels (kind of Jaws level) with absolutely nuking winds to go.. actually theres forecasted nuking winds for the foreseeable future !

Monday, March 22, 2010

Maui Weekly # 1

Beatiful Southshore left
What Kihei looks like with a advisory level south swell ! starboard tack side off !


The hawaiian way of taking the dog for a walk.. fun stand up surf at lowers !
Kuau first day i was here. mast and a half ! just a few guys out. i was sailing Lowers. solid logo there.
Finally back on da island ! as usual its been great so far. Windsurfing almost every day and just relaxing and enjoying the perfect climate. The hawaiin islands have been bombarded with swell this winter and it just seems to continue. plenty of swells on the horizon for the north shore and the south shore is beeing hit by and advisory level south swell at the moment. even Thousand Peaks had solid overhead waves ! The weather on the north shore has been a bit weird with clouds and showers and light winds. luckily Kihei has deliwered and we even had a fun wave sailing day there on the south swell ! resting day today since i have a wound on my knee i got the first day. it feels like it needs some time out of water. from tuesday/wednesday it looks like there will be a good tradewind pattern. Pray for windsurf !