Thursday, April 22, 2010

Last days on Maui

Boujma in a high stalled forward

This is a big wave. JP shows whos the boss

I remember Mark Angulo going for his mutants a couple of years ago. he didnt land that many then. now hes doing them consistenly (landed this) and also clew first. saw him land one up at middles where he got this incredible lift rotated perfectly and landed fully planing back on the face with a bang that could be heard all the way up on the cliff !

Yes,once in a while its actually nice to do something other than windsurfing. One of Mauis many waterfalls.

The rocks at Hookipa has seen a lot of trashed gear over the years..

Had to take two days of the water 4 days ago. My right arm was shot.grabbing things and lifting a waterbottle hurted. Think it was a good decision cause the last two days i could sail for hours perfectly powered on my 4.7 with side/side off head high waves. racing down the line and scoring 5-6 turns a wave :)
Was a expensive last day however as i catapulted through my sail. went to the hot shop and traded it for a used one and back on the water in 30 minutes :) After the last session i went to the check in and got robbed by Delta. 600 US !! 1 board 4 sails 2 masts and a boom. packed in 2 bags. 300 pr bag (piece) One of the bags were 2 sails rolled together in a sail bag. the answer to my reasoning were "its all about pieces now,its a la carte,its very expensive,can i have your credit card" Man,if you plan to use Delta,travel light.. I wont travel with them again..

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maui Weekly 5 #

Crazy photoshoot action at hookipa Today. it hasnt been Photoweather for a week and all the teams were eager to get shots of the 2011 gear. a lot of guys went on the rocks as well. a friend ended up breaking his mast in 3 pieces and had to pick out a big rock from his board !

A picture to show the weather on the nort shore the last week. onshore,cloudy and crap waves. a bit like Norway actually ;) this day however i sailed sunny southshore fully powered on a 4.7 !

Some southshore atmosphere !

A telltale sign that the south is working. the smoke from the sugar factory heading straight down the valley.

Kiter on the west side. too light to windsurf there this day.

Big swell at Hookipa ! a welcome sight after a period of semi flatness !

Something for 2011 ?

Been a bit up and down with the windsurfing last week. mostly Kihei bump and jump and small waves.Cloudy and onshore on the north shore. Got a session in bigger waves at Lowers yeasterday,and the wind has switched back to sideshore with a swell to match ! unfortunlately my arm is really sore. hope it only needs some rest,so i took a day of the water today. sat for 3 hours watching the action at Hookipa and working on the suntan.
as most will know theres some problems with the airtraffic to and in Europe. inconvenient as im flying back home in 3 days.. Im kind of hoping i can change my ticket for free and wait it out here on Maui.

Monday, April 12, 2010

Maui Weekly # 4

Timo forwards at maui sunset
Ripping surfer girl !

Timo can rotate backwards as well.

Nothing wrong with the rigging facilities at Maui Sunset !

Want a single fin or twin or quad ? Fanatic got it for 2011 !

The guys from new Zealand thats staying at Rainbows now.

Ricardo rips at lanes !

Above picture is Junko from japan. she rocks !

Been a little bit of everything this week. Sailed Lowers,Uppers and kihei. been wanting to sail Hookipa,but the wind has just been to light when ive been there to check it out. too bad as theres been some nice waves there. the light offshore winds keep them glassy i guess. Hookipa is also a wave magnet and picks up the most waves when the swell is smaller.
I had a cool private lesson session with Matt pritchard the other day. i wondered what we should focus on (most would probably choose wave sailing) i considered this but i can do a crappy version of bottom and top turns so i actually chose Tacking which i basically cant do on a wave board at all. I sailed with Matt shadowing me for 10 minutes and he meant we should focus on tacks,outside jibes,jumps and waveriding. we sailede uppers where all this is possible. Matt is a good coach and he sees everything you do wrong. actually my tacks and the other stuff improved during the two hours ! it was also a very good push to try to get out of the bad habits ! wish i could afford to always have a couch !
Today i was hanging out waiting for the wind to kick in at hookipa. it never did, so i drove over to maui sunset which had powered 4,7 and small ramps ! a 10-12 knot breeze with some north in it usually means that it gets funneled through the valley.
The forecast for the next few days is a bit weird, but knowing this Island is a big wind machine im predicting that there will be sailing somewhere !

Monday, April 5, 2010

Maui weekly #3

Kai Lenny and his boss having a photoshoot ( and a blast) at lanes

Rainbows everyday here. sometimes you see them in the spray on the wave in front of you as youre dropping down a beauty !

A GPS company supplied a few sailors with Gps and the goal was to get as high as possible ! not sure who won,but Camille Juban and Levi Siver did their best !

This was a huge day. Jason Polakow went out at Hookipa and big wave sailed in the Channel between Lanes and Hookipa. usually a "safe" passage out.. this day a few guys sailed Jaws. actually went down there to check but it must have been the wrong time of day.

Had some big swell at Lowers a week ago that slowly faded out. luckily theres been a big windswell thats kept the reefs from going totally flat. been sailing lowers and Kuau this week. sailing is slowly improving and i have now sailed something like 17 days in a row.. could probably use a break but when its windy and waves what can you do ;)