Thursday, May 27, 2010

Windy roadtrip

Nice little aerial !
Small wave,big spray !

The waves grew bigger

Lista has something for everyone. freestyle inside the harbour and waves on the outside

Gotta love spring/early summer in Norwaii when everything starts to turn green and colourful !

Drove the surfmobile down to Lista again this weekend. scored some really good conditions ! sailed 5.8 and 90 l on saturday. sunday the wind kicked in big time. 4.0/4.7 on my small board.
Monday turned out to epic ! from early afternoon it was full power 4.0 with building waves ! early evening the waves increased even more and i scored a really good session in chest/head sideshore up to 3 turns a wave ! everything fell together, the sail was perfect,got a wave almost every time i sailed in. evening sun and big rolling sea swell to jibe on out the back ! man i love that place when it works !
It was a big turnout of sailors probably close to 30 guys and girls and everyone was having a blast ! some had their first sessions after a horribly unwindy 6 months for the east coast sailors.
its gonna be quiet for a few days now. actually i need that. been sailing pretty consistently for 2 and a half months now !

Monday, May 17, 2010

Windy times # 2

Einar driving his Quad through a bottom turn. summer time sized waves.. the day after was a tiny bit bigger.
Stian got his vulcans sorted.

Not the worst place to be waiting for wind ! downtown Borhaug, surf city

Andreas launching inside Borhaug harbour. for freestyle this is probably as good as it gets. world class wave breaks in the area as well..

Rigging down at pisserenna after a good session !
Been a good May month so far. sailed every other day and it looks like its gonna be windy for a week now ! spent a few days down at Lista this weekend. Scored a couple of days with fun smallish wavesailing ! Sunday was the best with waves up to chest high and i was actually getting the feeling i was wave sailing on some of them ! gotta be happy whith what we get this time of year ! windy today as well but i might just rest.. Its good times right now appartment is full of wet gear spread around. the car is messy,clothes smell of neoprene and the muscles are sore ! keep it coming :)

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Windy times

Erik destroys da lip

Peter in a textbook Side On bottumturn

We just had a 4 day spell with Northwest winds here. Our favourite direction in Summer. it just accelerates down the Norwegian west coast and behaves like the wind in more well know spots with "Trades" Saturday had the biggest waves and the strongest winds. 3.4-4.5. The temperature in the air and water is at the moment sub double digits in Celsius.. Feeling a bit surfed out at the moment actually. Its gonna be quiet for a few days now, but the weekend could amount to something ! Pray for windsurf !