Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Kitesurfin da waves,Norwaii

Oskar sprays !
If these photos were taken 30 mins later the light would have been even better ! just love the saturated warm colors and pinkish hue we get in the evenings ! should pay more attention to the light in my photos.

Tor Erik is lining up with a bigger set ! He is one of the kitesurfing pioneers in Norwaii. he is extremely picky with he conditions and basically only kites when its sunny and waves ;) still he somethings left in his muscle memory ;)

Martin "strapless surfy style" !

These pictures are from 19.06. when all the windsurfers had left Sele 3 of my kitesurfing buddies showed up. they went out with their 8 meters and ripped the waves. it might not look like it from the photos but a lot of people were a bit let down by the wind especially. those that chose to go out further south actually scored logo high 4.7.. a bit bummed i missed out on that,but still it was a nice day out at the beach !
Anyhow im considering taking up light wind kiting now. i have a 6.7 shortboard that i might be able to mount straps on and use as a kiteboard. some of the wave oriented kiters actually use more or less stock surf shortboards. will look a bit into this. anyway i can use the kite in winter on snow.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Some shows

John olav Nilsen & Gjengen is one of Norways top rock bands now. they debuted last year and quickly got popular. songs about being young,drunk,broken love,being from a suburb and so on. these photos were taken with my surf lens a 300 mm F4. used a monopod and fired away from the gallery. one in 30-40 shots were usable.

jaga jazzist.

One of Norways more iconic rock guitarists Petter Baarlie. here with Valentourettes

Hypertext from Haugesund. if i remember correctly these photos were taken with my old manual Yashica 135 2.8 lens. picked it up for 35 euros with a canon adapter. it performs niceis fast and i really love the 135 mm perspective !

Singer/songwriter Æ

Swedish rock legend Thåstrøm.

From 12 points Jazzfestival

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Wavy Weekend !

Enjoying myself ! another 4.0 DTL day. photo sigurd klippenberg
Martin starting his ride

Frank always gets air !

Andreas is eying up the lip. not bad for a freestyler !

Dag sprays. Friday evening. the best part of the weekend !

Table top

Sigurd bottomturns on a good sized one

oskar does good in the waves also

Another fun weekend here on the west side. not quite as epic as forecasted,but those that scored Friday should be happy ! sailed owerpowered 4.0 in good sized waves friday evening ! Really good times over here now. im on the lookout for a bigger freeStyle/ride board now to get out even more. lets pray that the big high pressures dont come down on us this summer !

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Summer & Sun in da waves

P.Ø starts his ride
Kilen has found some flat water inside the point to spock his quad. Sele is a multitasking spot !

Erik T does his waveride nr. 6754 at Sele. if you dont catch waves. just shadow erik. he knows where they are..

Last photos is of me. thanks to tormod for taking them. despite being knackered from an heavy week at work i got a few fun ones !

Woot ? is it possible too top turn with a single fin ;)

The good wind from the north keeps coming the western coast of Norway. had my first session in my 3 mil summer suit as well. INCREDIBLE nice to shed the "winter fur" ;) Today i actually DID NOT sail !! too much sailing lately and resting a bit before what could be a new big weekend. stay tuned !

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Homespot action

Some sets had a FUN size !
Not sure what Peter was trying here. from the beach it looked like a backie attempt of the lip ?

On some of the waves you had to look up from the ground to spot the lip :) love that feeling !

Nice little aerial !

A big wind forecast got the norwegian wavesailors exited. lot of speculations about where to go. i ended up at our bread and butter spot Sele 20 mins from my flat. pretty good decision i think. almost head high and i 3.7-4.2 winds !