Friday, July 9, 2010

Quality summer swell !

Is it legit or a drop in ?
Nice Lines all day !

Nice inside section here.

Incoming set...

Of course all norwegian waves are A frames ;)

This shady bunch of cows tried to cut of my retreat to the car. had to make a quick sprint and jump over an electric fence that at this moment is the only thing between me and certain death..
Norwaiis gold coast just got hit by a high quality swell with a 5 feet 14 sec peak yeasterday. this is a bit uncommon in summer but higly welcomed of course. a bad arm kept me out of the water but today i chansed it and went out. actually the swell was quite solid today as well ! hope my arm heals fast as there seems to be plenty action this summer and autumn with its deep lows are approaching fast !