Saturday, February 7, 2009

Powder Pumping !

Victor cruising through the forest on his Rhino chasers,Telemark style. actually this place is in the county of Telemark. a place with proud skiing traditions. you can read a little more about telemark skiing here
Andreas in the deep of it !

Im Spending the weekend in the mountains and were having beautiful winter conditions here now. lots of fresh powder and cold temperatures ! we went to Haukeli today and had good riding in about a foot of powder. the visibility on the top face wasnt the best, but it was good and fun forest riding ! after a couple of hours one of the lifts were closed,and the queue at the bottom just got too long. went and hiked a face in knee deep powder instead. the snow was so deep and fluffy i had too straight line it to keep momentum. if these conditions continue i have to get a bigger and wider board !

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George Markopoulos said...

the quality of that snow and the conditions looks absolutely perfect