Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spot Y

Epic forecast for Norwaiis Gold coast (Jæren) this week. actually theres been a lot of good windsurf/surf days lately. Spot Y`s beautiful lefthander seems to be the place ! today is was kind of regretting that i didnt bring my surfboard out to the coast. as the wind dropped early afertnoon. apparently the early birds had mythical tales of strong side off winds (we had to make do with a kind of light sideshore..)
However i rigged my 5.3 and went out. was underpowered and wasnt able to do much. cool to be out there though the ocean was kind of going up and down.. cool to see one part be several meters taller than another part etc.. well give me 1-2 ms more and ill show you !
BTW i think JOMPA the swedish surfbum needs some help.. he broke his only mast and trashed a sail today,his boom is fucked up and his harness is held together with downhaul rope.. he might be interrested in some second hand stuff !
The sequence is Erik Tobiassen. watch and learn..