Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hardcore wintersurf

Punchy swell !

This wave is a A- Frame. absolutely one of the best waves around here !

Lunch !

-3 degrees. 20-30 knots of wind...

This guy suddenly appeared out of the heavy snowdrift.

I have seen this sight before. at Maui North shore ;)
Punchy swell and heavy offshore wind today ! we just had about 20 inches of fresh snow here and since its only flat fields around here the strong winds caused some heavy snowdrift ! the blurry images is actually because of that. i think visibilty where i was shooting went down to about 30 yards in periods.. I stayed ashore today. covered in more or less all the winter clothing i have ;)


Sigurd Klippenberg said...

Nice pictures! I can understand why you where on the beach taking pictures instead off going out your self. I would have stayed inn my car with the engine running to keep warm.

merry x-mas

mystery bob said...

Hey Pal..
Please have a nice Christmas and best to Tormod Dag and everyone.
Love your pictures which remind me how lucky I am to live on Maui. Bob