Sunday, July 26, 2009

Lista Pisserenna Sun Side DTL !

Enjoying myself ! these photos are taken by Sigurd Klippenberg. hes a blogger too ! check it out here !

thomas wessel is a good rider. he actually threw a Goiter later in the afternoon !

Markus turning. Pisserenna is a rocky spot. keeps the kiters away !

Jørgen throwing up some spray

The weather was warm for a change !

Sigurd going DTL

Julys been a really bad month for windsurfing as usual. However there was a really good windforecast for Lista this Saturday. Lista is a really good area for windsurfing, and its usually pretty consistent and strong winds there. luckily its only 2 and a half hours drive from my place,so its doable as a daytrip. in the summer the northwest wind there acts a little as the wind in Maui or pozo. it gets a thermal kick and geograpichal acceleration and a 15 knots forecast can turn into 4.7 sailing.

With a swell its Norways Cabo Verde and Lista can throw up Starboard tack sideshore point break, over mast high perfection !

Yeasterday a good crew showed up and enjoyed 4.2-4.7 sideshorewinds,and despite a bad swell forecast in the afternoon, the ocean actually started to produce some really fun 3 foot faces !

Monday, July 20, 2009

Studio Fun !

Im member of a photoclub here in Stavanger and today some of us had the chance to borrow a photo studio fully equipped with flashes and studio gear. it was a really good learning experience for me, as i dont know much about lightning and the use of flashes. got a couple of half decent portrait shots.
Big thanks to andre for letting us use his studio ! You can check it out here !

Friday, July 10, 2009

4.7 Side On at Sele with new board !

The swedes can waveride as well !
Usual Swedish freestyle position

Erik is a really good sailor and surfer. Hes been spending a lot of time in WA, but handles starboard tack as well. he always uses 1m2 smaller sail than everybody else.

Sailed a spot called Sele today. its our "bread &butter" north west spot. its a point break with usually smaller but well formed waves. needs a ground swell to work well,but even on smaller windswell days its possible to practise some turning in mellow conditions. i was out on my new board today after some idiots stole my trusty 06 Da curve 85.. got a used 08 79 l now, and despite being a size smaller it seems to handle lighter winds quite well ( typical of the Da Curves)
my old board worked well in waves,but would stall and loose speed very easily if not pushed by a good wave (or good sailor) the 79 l seems to keep up speed much better in the turns, even if its smaller. it kind of floats on the rail through the turn ! seems to be snappier as well. quite happy with the new board, but i will be on the lookout for somethingh between 85-90 L as well.