Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deep & Steep !

Our playground the last few days !
Oskar gets first tracks

Simon gets airborne ! he did the obligatory "telemark" landing as well !

Caroline gets air as well !
3 days in a row with sun and powder ! will remember these days for a while ! thanks to the Haukeli powder hookers crew for the company ! the best people to hang out with !

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Powder to the people !

Simon missed his line a bit.. he was aiming for the snowfield to the left.

Power turn !

More of the same here ! sun and powder ! battling a touch of cold at the moment,but when its this good i just have to get out there ! not too often we get this stable conditions. most people are crammed together at the resorts but fresh untracked lines awaits those who knows where to go ;)

Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Its all about earning your turns ;) 2 hours hike to the summit

This is the top part of the face. we decented through the small colour in the upper right part of the picture

Montain safety. Simon is checking the snowpack.

Simon cruising

Caroline is in there somewhere ! actually this place has a bit of magic. it was windy for days from several directions. this usually fucks up the snowpack immideately,but here it was like it had been now wind for days ?

Simon drops

Soft landing !

Beautiful flank,soft afternoon light and a classy turn !
In the mountains at the moment. came up here a bit later than planned due to car problems,so i missed a couple of classic days. still good here though and its gonna be more of the same tomorrow ! luckily us Haukeli Powder Hookers have this place pretty dialled in now !

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Hardcore wintersurf

Punchy swell !

This wave is a A- Frame. absolutely one of the best waves around here !

Lunch !

-3 degrees. 20-30 knots of wind...

This guy suddenly appeared out of the heavy snowdrift.

I have seen this sight before. at Maui North shore ;)
Punchy swell and heavy offshore wind today ! we just had about 20 inches of fresh snow here and since its only flat fields around here the strong winds caused some heavy snowdrift ! the blurry images is actually because of that. i think visibilty where i was shooting went down to about 30 yards in periods.. I stayed ashore today. covered in more or less all the winter clothing i have ;)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Winters first snowboard trip !

My house for the weekend. cool but cold building ;)
Its kind of an mountain hostel. staying is super cheap but anyone can show up and stay as well (several bunks) these friendly people just needed to borrow the kitchen, and we did some tour planning.

Unreal sunset on Saturday ! wood fired bathub and sauna at Haukeliseter !

The next world champ ? The resort on saturday. Sun and powder. the way it should be.

Conditions on Sunday wasnt that good. tracked snow and flat light. hiked a peak to get a untracked line. the board im carrying is a K2 Gyrator. a board with rocker (prebent like a surfboard) worked very well in powder !