Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Fjols til Fjells # 2

Another succesfull trip to the mountains last weekend. freeriding in half decent powder at the resort on Saturday. used my local knowledge to find some small lines and patches of untracked snow. a bit worried that its getting more and more crowded at my resort of choice..
Well good thing i have gotten into hiking with my snowshoes. this winter ive had so many good days and its still early for that kind of mountainering ! wasnt sure where to go on saturday,so i kept it simple. just hiked the face next to the hotel.good choice as the snow was not bad at all ! also my new gear for the winter is working nicely. used my New Rome Anthem all mountain board this weekend and its a worthy replacement of my beaten up old Burton Custom (classic model! !)
Decided to try a directional stance after riding duck for 3-4 years. after almost killing myself in the forest i quickly changed back again !
Seems there a small dump early next week as well. all is good !

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