Saturday, November 1, 2008

Maui sunset, Kihei

We waited for wind on the northshore today,but nothing happened. there was a north element in the wind,so i went down to Maui sunset. the wind was a solid 20-25 knots there. what happens with the wind on days like this is that the north element makes it squeze between Haleakala and the west maui mountains. a lot of sailors dont bother to drive over (15-20 mins) because of the lack of waves. however when its 12 knots slightly onshore on the northshore the wavesailing usually isnt epic either. Tormod decided to stay behind on sprecks and practised non planing jibes. i drove over and practised power jibes..) think Tormod might join me next time !


mystery bob said...

Nice photos Paal and you sure do have that right about Kihei on a north wind. Sorry to see you and Tormod have to leave tomorrow. Please stay in touch. Until next year.. Aloha Nui Loa

Pål Rype said...

Tormod is leaving. im staying until dec. 8 ! :)