Monday, October 25, 2010

Jæren Wave 2010

Sigurd in a high tabletop
Inge hits the lip.

Peter with the days most stylish turn ?

1. Ørjan Jensen
2. Thomas Wessel Svensson
3. Sigurd Espeland

Happy campers !

The Legendary Jæren Wave competition were on this weekend. This year comp. were the 25 th ! changing and kind of bad forecasts meant that there werent that many competitors this year. The day started without wind,but a nice swell provided some of us with some glassy surf after the registration. At around one oclock the wind started to fill in and during the warm up it was actually quite solid 5.3 wind with some 1 meter sets. pure sideshore. Of course in my heat the wind completely dropped to nothing and i spent the whole heat semi submerged or in the waterstart position. as i hit the shore the wind instantly went up to 20-22 knots again. bummed for a while but then it was decided to run the two first heats one more time. Had a bit more success and it was actually a split between me and another sailor (Peter) about who were the second sailor advancing. Got to sail a 5 min man to man heat to decide and apparently that was close as well, but since i cant jump and Peter throws forwards he got through. anyway pretty stoked that i was able to not completly make a fool of myself against better sailors ! Sailing in a competitions were fun as well. probably sailed about 10 % better than normal on the adrenalin rush ! Anyway everybody was having fun and mostly doing good. aerials,Tabletops,and forwards and stylish cutbacks were going down !

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