Sunday, October 3, 2010

Rock & Refsnes

Kilen in action

Peter tries a aerial on the inside section

Lone surfer at Point Perfect. Just downwind for the windsurfers.
More good days here on the west coast lately. the pictures are from Refsnes on Saturday. showed up early afternoon,and the wind looked funky,but the swell was up at Point Perfect. paddled out and had a fun session. its a good spot for my level. easy take off even when it has some size. a little bit flat as well,making it ideal for longboards. after a while i figured it would be nice to try some windsurfing. went out as the wind relly kicked in. Gusty 10-35 + knots of side off wind is a bit of a struggle.. however th waves were small so no problems with wipe outs. sailed as long as my weary arms could handle. got a couple of multiple turns waves out of it. all in all a good day !

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