Thursday, October 21, 2010

Windy sideshore @ X

Peter with his signature one handed top turn. they were actually a necessity as the wind was 35 knots and he was on a 4.7..
Frank Nilsen top turns

Myself in a windy topturn on the flatter downwindpeak

Another bigger day here. nuking sideshore winds and some occasional close to logo sets. didnt take photos for more than 5 minutes. it was too much fun sailing ! got on a couple of bigger set waves but the wind was so strong that committing to a bottomturn felt too scary.. i was actually fully powered on my 4.0 and 79 liter board. being about 100kgs with the 6 mil suit means it was windy ! thats 21 liters of negative volume. actually it felt like sailing on a piace of cork.. maybe i will try to swap for a slightly bigger board.. anyway those lucky enough to skip work the following morning scored again ! its conditions every day now. its just pick and choose ;)

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